Student Stories

Dancing With the Elderly, For Their Health

For senior citizens in assisted living housing, health is more than fighting disease.  Cardea Fellow and senior Miurel Price believes it can be about the joy of dance and of physical movement. Read the full story here.

Distance-based, Executive-style Degree Completion Program for Ghanaian Nurse Anesthetists

Read about Jenny Li's research experience with Bass Connections in Ghana here.

Integrative Global Research on Sickle Cell Disease

Bass Connections scholar Madelaine Katz conducted research at the Sickle Cell Unit in Mona, Jamaica. 

Self-guided Parameter Fitting for Cochlear Implant Users

Student Vinay Nagaraj reflects on the "Self-guided Parameter Fitting for Cochlear Implant Users" Bass Connections team. Read the story here.

Displacement, Resettlement and Global Mental Health

Michelle Khalid on her involvement in a Bass Connections project about Bhutanese refugees in Nepal, Iraqi refugees in Egypt, and Syrian and Iraqi refugees in Jordan.

Strengthening Community Environmental Health through Duke-HBCU Partnerships

John Hare-Grogg participated in a Bass Connections project that "used PhotoVoice as a qualitative research method to document environmental benefits and burdens" in Dallas, Texas.

Project Bright IDEA

Ray Li on his Bass Connections team which aimed to provide alternative curricula for students from diverse backgrounds.

The University as a Laboratory for Smart Grid Data Analytics

Sharrin Manor's Bass Connections project centered around the Duke Smart Home. Read about her experience here.

Creating Online Probability and Statistics Education for K-12 Teachers of Common Core

Read about Jake Lennert's experience with Bass Connections creating a free Coursera class on statistics for high school teachers here.

Trauma and Timing

Clara Colombatto on her Bass Connections experience with a project about neuropsychological trauma and timing.

iGEM: An Exciting Way to Merge Biology and Engineering

The International Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM) competition is dedicated to education for students interested in the advancement of synthetic biology, in other words, taking engineering principles and applying them to natural sciences like biology.

Visibly Thinking about Undergrad Research

Undergraduate research is kind of a big deal at Duke. The grand finale of nearly 200 of this year’s undergrad projects was a giant poster session called “Visible Thinking,” hosted by the Office of Undergraduate Research Support on April 22.

Seeking Sustainability at Duke Campus Farm

What if you could supply everything your garden needs to produce a robust crop of veggies without buying a single bag of fertilizer? That’s a question Duke senior Anne Martin has tackled in a year-long independent study project.

How To Get Your Foot In The Door At A Research Lab

So now you are at Duke — one of the world’s best research universities — but now what? You might be taking cool classes, but how can you take advantage of the world-class research happening here? Roughly 50 percent of Duke undergrads do so at some point.

An Unexpected Direction

Jasmine Thompson is advancing the Di Giulio lab’s work to understand the environmental impacts of a former wood treatment facility that, for decades, discharged creosote and other chemicals into the nearby river.

Studying Creatures Great and Small

From whales to lemurs, senior Cassidy Pomeroy-Carter is using animal research experiences at Duke to prepare her for a future in veterinary medicine.

Undergraduate Rocks Environmental Research

Ginny Isava, a Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellow, talks about her love of rocks and research. Read the full story here.

Student Research Explores Designs for New HIV Vaccines

Nisonoff, a math major and global health and chemistry minor from Emerson, N.J., is working on two projects: one project is based in theory and the other focuses on applications of the theory. His first project, funded by the Dean’s Summer Research Fellowship...

Math Junior Flips for ‘Bit Flips’

  Paul Ziquan Yang is using mathematical techniques to eliminate errors in computer hardware. Read the full story here.

Student Studies New Processes for Gene Expression

Before biologists can understand the role of specific genes, they have to be able to determine whether those genes are "on or off." Howard Hughes Undergraduate Research Fellow Mitchell Lee is looking to make take process easier.

A Summer In The Lab, Wounding Flies

Senior biology major and chemistry minor Rachel Shenker is working as a Dean’s Summer Research Fellow, trying to figure out how certain proteins affect wound-healing in flies.

A Better Approach to Machine Learning

Goldman Sachs Summer Research Fellow and physics major Cathy Li is using optical systems to enhance machine learning. Read the full story here.

Duke Undergrads Sink Their Teeth into Evolution Research

Ben Schwartz and Amalia Cong, past Howard Hughes VIP participants, are studying enamel evolution in the Wall and Wray labs.

How do Children Learn Emotions?

Duke Psychology Undergraduates Study How Young Children Learn to Label Emotions. Read the rest of the story at Duke News.

Thinking Beyond the Grave

Duke Student Meredith Rahman Presents at Duke-UNC Bioethics Symposium. Read the rest of the story at Duke News.

SNCURCS returns to Duke

Nonie Arora shares a story of one of the student presenters at the State of North Carolina Undergraduate Research and Creativity Symposium, hosted by Duke on November 17, 2012.

Lab Tests for Anxiety

Student research blogger Ashley Mooney spent her summer in Portland working in a lab that testing the impact of brain injuries on anxiety levels.

Monkey Research in Platt Lab

Yavuz Acikalin is doing an independent research project with the Platt Lab that deals with monkey advertising. Read about it on the Duke Research Blog.

Translational Genomics Research Institute

Rising Trinity Junior Sonya Jooma headed to Phoenix, Arizona this summer to participate in the TGen-Duke Biomedical Futures Program.  Read the story on the Duke Research Blog.

Requiem for Haiti

"Sounding the Bells for Haiti" appeared in Duke Magazine in the summer of 2012.

European explorers in Tahiti

Emma Ross used computerized mapping technology to explore the interaction of British colonists and native residents in the 19th century.

Biology Majors/Researchers Win Goldwaters

Kenneth Hoehn and Clara Starkweather have been selected as scholars by the Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship and Excellence in Education Program.

Student Modeling Gene Regulation Wins Marshall

Daphne Ezner, who graduates in May with a double major in biology and computer science, received funding from the Trinity Deans' Summer Fellowship program in 2011 to work with Associate Profess

Women's Rights in Haiti

Post-graduation update: Erin graduated with distinction from the Department of Political Science in May 2011. Her thesis won an Alona E. Evans Prize in International Law. She's starting a Master's degree at the Duke Divinity School in Fall 2011.

Bridging Engineering and Art History

Before I came to Duke, I knew about the DIVE (Duke Immersive Virtual Environment). It’s one of the ten systems in the world that is capable of doing completely immersive virtual reality. I knew I really wanted to be involved and it so happened that the...

Intensive Global Health Prorgam

The Duke Global Health Institute has selected 15 students for the inaugural

Chimp Observations in Africa

This summer I worked at Budongo Conservation Field Station in Masindi Province, Uganda, where a community of 58 chimpanzees has been studied regularly since 1990. This community, called Sonso, is neighbored by three other chimpanzee communities, one of which...

Teamwork in the Chemistry Lab

Year: 2012Hometown: New Orleans, LAResearch Focus: Iron Chelation

Tradeoffs for Managing Hog Waste

I’m hoping to determine what hog farmers’ perceptions of waste management systems are. I’m modeling this after a study that was done in 2003 so that we can see the change since then. Since 2003, there have been five sustainable technologies developed, but...

Evangelical Feminists

I will be studying evangelical feminists during the 1970s, and I’m interested in how they combine their faith with activism. There was this crop of evangelical feminists who said, “God loves you, and He wants you to meet your fullest potential, [and] that’s...

The 'Pre-Research' Path

Arun Sharma '12 Biology, Chemistry, Genome Sciences

At Home in the Neuroscience Lab

Peter Cruz-Gordillo B.S. '11 Neuroscience Minors in biology and chemistry

Zimbabwean Joshua Foromera knows firsthand the importance of HIV/AIDS research in Africa

Student: Joshua Foromera , T'13 Major: Biology, minor in Chemistry

Bonding Through Biology

This article by Bob Bliwise appeared in the November 2010 edition of Duke Magazine.

Grandfather's WWII Pics Become Subject of Documentary

The impetus for Geoff’s documentary studies research project was the discovery of a body of nearly 1,500 black and white 35mm film negatives documenting a World War II experience which had lain dormant for over 60 years.

Election surveys reveal voters' class biases

Benjamin Sosnaud, a sociology major now studying at Harvard University, analyzed survey data from eight pres