At Home in the Neuroscience Lab

cruz gordillo480Peter Cruz-Gordillo
B.S. '11 Neuroscience
Minors in biology and chemistry
Faculty mentor,
Greg Wray, Professor of Biology

Even as a first year student, Peter Cruz-Gordillo found his way into the lab of Professor Wray who compares the genes of humans to chimpanzees. Despite originally coming to Duke with the goal of becoming "pre-med, straight clinical," Cruz-Gordillo later found himself gravitating towards genome sciences, which eventually led him to a research position in Wray's lab at the IGSP where Cruz-Gordillo developed "an intense enthusiasm for research." Working with post-doctoral researcher Courtney Babbitt, Cruz-Gordillo began to explore the differences in the pain-sensing systems of humans and chimpanzees. Peter Cruz-Gordillo is currently the first author on a paper, which appeared last fall in the journal Brain, Behavior, and Evolution.

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