The 'Pre-Research' Path

arun sharmaArun Sharma
'12 Biology, Chemistry, Genome Sciences
Faculty mentor, Dr. G
erard Blobe, Department of Pharmacology and Cancer Biology

Senior Arun Sharma may be studying biology, chemistry, and genome sciences and policy at Duke, but don’t expect to see him trading in his lab coat for a white coat anytime soon. Sharma says he is ‘pre-research’ rather than ‘pre-med’.

Growing up with a desire to one day make his own discoveries, Arun Sharma’s appreciation for research has allowed him to work with his faculty mentor, Dr. Gerard Blobe, in the Department of Pharmacology and Cancer Biology where Sharma has been researching the molecular mechanisms behind angiogenesis, or ways in which tumors can be killed by cutting off blood supply. Wanting to share his passion for research with other undergraduates, Sharma co-founded the Duke Undergraduate Research Society (DURS) in order to show students that research can be a realistic goal even to undergraduates.

“I like to think that [this organization] is going to be my legacy at Duke after I graduate,” says Sharma.

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