Current Fellows

Senior Fellows

  • Elizabeth Barahona
  • Razan Idris
  • Attyat Mayans
  • Patricia Pinckombe

Junior Fellows

  • Malcolm Brown
  • Amber Hall
  • Tae Markey
  • Adaír Necalli
  • Alexandra Sanchez Rolón
  • Alexus Wells

Current Research Topics

  • The History of Latinx Students at Duke University
  • al-Kafa'a fil Nasab: Race and Lineage in Muslim Maliki Marriage Law
  • Hip Hop Culture and Muslim Twitter
  • Chinese Students Studying "Abroad" at Duke Kunshan University
  • Indigo Children and Black Youth Spirituality
  • Building the Boat: Documenting and Revitalizing the Cherokee Language
  • Theories of Self in the Digital World
  • Nahuatl Language Use, Linguistic Identity and Language Politics in the State of Puebla and Mexico City
  • Power Acquisition Among Women in the Latino-Caribbean Community
  • Hip Hop as a Site for the Affirmation of Afro-Latinx Identity