Loan Repayment Guide

General Information


MMUF students entering PhD programs in Mellon Designated Fields (see section on Eligibility) are eligible for repayment of their undergraduate loans up to a maximum of $10,000. Only undergraduate debt accrued through Perkins, Stafford, or college loan programs qualify for repayment.


Under the terms of the MMUF program, each undergraduate institution establishes its own procedure for facilitating the loan repayment process and record keeping. Coordinators work directly with their undergraduate financial aid offices. Generally, institutions require fellows to participate in an exit interview, during which time the undergraduate coordinators familiarize students with loan repayment procedures and provide them with necessary information to apply for repayment

For each of the first four years for full-time graduate study, the Mellon Foundation, through students’ undergraduate institutions, will repay one-eighth (up to $1,250) of the fellows’ undergraduate debts. Thus, if students pursue full-time graduate study for four years, they will receive $5,000. When students complete the doctorate, they will qualify for an additional $5,000. Students are required to submit a Graduate Study Verification Form (see form on right) when requesting payments.

If a student has undergraduate debt totaling less than $10,000, the balance loan repayment funds may be used to repay graduate students loans. Graduate students loans may only be repaid upon completion of the PhD. The total amount of loan repayment funds will not exceed $10,000 and may only be used toward designated educational loans from recognized lenders for graduate study.

How to Arrange for Debt Repayment by the MMUF Program

  • Before graduation, Mellon Fellows should meet with their Duke financial aid adviser to receive an accounting of their outstanding Perkins and Stafford loans. Please ask your adviser to complete a copy of the Statement of Loans Eligible for Repayment Form. Retain a copy of this form for your records.
  • Fellows should then meet with the Duke Mellon Coordinator to discuss the Mellon loan repayment procedures and give him or her a copy of this form for the program records.
  • At the end of each academic year of graduate study, Fellows should complete their section of the Graduate Study Verification Form and then submit the Form to your graduate school registrar for verification of your completion of the year.
  • The registrar should send the completed form to:

Prof. Tsitsi Jaji
Faculty Coordinator
Allen Building 304D, Box 90015
Phone: (919) 684-2741

  • Upon receipt of the completed form, the MMUF Program at Duke will prepare an Accounts Payable Check Request and submit it to Accounts Payable at Duke, who will then issue a check to the lender. It is very important for you to include the name of the lender, the correct address, and the appropriate account number of other information that will identify you as the holder of the account.
  • The Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship Program at Duke University will retain copies of the paperwork mailed to Accounts Payable and follow-up with the student should there be any questions.
  • If yo have any questions, please contact Paul Noe at (919) 660-3139 or


mmuf graduate study verification form

statement of loans eligible for repayment form