Opportunities: URS Administered Programs

The Undergraduate Research Support Office is your hub to uncover and apply for relevant research opportunities. Below, and listed in menu at right, are our URS-Administered Programs. Please be sure to contact us if you have any questions regarding these opportunities. 

Along with these opportunities, we provide a full listing of opportunities that may be of interest to Duke undergraduates.

The Academic Deans of Trinity College take pleasure in awarding the Deans' Summer Fellowships in support of undergraduate research and inquiry in the arts and sciences. The goals of the Deans' Summer Fellowship Program are to strengthen undergraduate research opportunities for undergraduates, to… read more about this opportunity »

URS Independent Study Grants are provided to help defray research expenses of up to $400 for Trinity and Pratt students enrolled in faculty-supervised independent study courses or the equivalent such as thesis and research capstone courses. A grant makes funds available to purchase approved… read more about this opportunity »

URS Assistantships provide salary funds to a student to assist faculty on a research project. Funding is available for all disciplines. Applications are open to all Duke undergraduates for summer, fall and spring funding. URS Assistantships can only be awarded if the research project is completely… read more about this opportunity »

A URS Conference Grant is an award of up to $400 to use towards attending and/or presenting research done at Duke at a national or regional meeting of a professional organization. The meeting or conference should take place during the semester in which the student is applying for the grant (Apply… read more about this opportunity »