Research Independent Study Information

A Research Independent Study course or the equivalent, e.g. a thesis course, is the mechanism for students to engage in individual research in a field of special interest under the guidance of a faculty member and earn academic credit for this research. Research Independent Study courses bear a Research (R) curriculum code and satisfy general education requirements in research and small group learning for a Trinity College undergraduate.

Funding A Research Project

Students should seek advice on specific departmental web sites to learn about the research interests of faculty members. Students should initiate appointments and conversations to convey their interest in the discipline or sub-discipline of their choosing. When a faculty member agrees to guide the student in a research project, they should both discuss the objectives of the research, the time commitment the student will make (generally 10–15 hours per week), and what the specific requirements for the final product will be. Departments often require a written project proposal.

There are four academic requirements for students and faculty to plan, register and complete a research independent study:

1. The independent study must be approved by the student's proposed research advisor as well as by the director of undergraduate studies in the relevant department or program. Faculty approve students to enroll by giving them a permission number to enter when registering in ACES.
2. The faculty research advisor and student must meet at least once every two weeks during the fall or spring semester (at least once a week during the summer).
3. The student must produce a substantive paper or written report containing significant analysis and interpretation of a previously approved topic or project. The student must submit the paper or report to the research advisor during the semester of enrollment in the independent study course.
4. The faculty advisor must evaluate the final product and submit a grade to the Registrar during the semester grading period.