URS Assistantship Payment

COVID-19 Updates for Assistantships

Departments are still able to use URS funding to pay students for Assistantships that have been granted for Spring Semester 2020, not to exceed the $400 limit for the semester. This funding can be used to pay the student wherever they are working.

Please keep in mind:

  • This is only in continuation of the grants that we have already approved for spring semester;
  • The $400 maximum expenditure on our code still applies;
  • These funds may be used until the last day of classes of the Spring Semester 2020, which is Wednesday, April 22, 2020;
  • Financial Aid may have different rules for Work Study Students, we suggest visiting: https://financialaid.duke.edu/coronavirus;


URS Assistantship Payment

Maximum semester earnings from URS funds for this position are $400. Please consult the payroll clerk in your department for more salary information. Unused salary or grant funds may not be spent in a subsequent semester. Additional work must be funded by another source or performed on a volunteer basis. Please observe the following payroll procedures:

  1. The payroll representative in the faculty mentor’s department will explain the procedures for keeping track of hours worked, obtaining time cards, and picking up paychecks. If the student is not already on Duke Payroll, the clerk will complete an Employment Notice (EN) for the student.
  2. If the student is already on Duke Payroll in another department, the student must obtain a Personnel Change Notice (PCN) from the payroll clerk in the student's current department of employment. The PCN should be taken to the payroll clerk in the department where the student is using the URS assistantship so that the student's second source of funding can be added.
  3. URS support may be combined with work-study aid. If the student is eligible, the student can obtain the work-study verification forms from the Undergraduate Financial Aid Office, 2127 Campus Drive, to accompany the PCN and/or EN (see above). Please note that enrolled students may not be compensated for more than 19.5 hours/week of combined employment.
  4. All completed forms should be taken to the Benefits and Records Office (705 Broad Street). The student cannot be paid for any hours worked before Benefits and Records receives all of the correct forms. In addition, the student's paid research hours must be completed by the last day of classes.

Please note that all hours must be worked by the last class day of the award semester.

URS Assistantships and Federal Work Study Information: The student should identify the appropriate work-study status to the department payroll representative.

Position: Student; Position Code: 0699

Non-work-study - 100% from URS assistantship: (contact URS office for fund code)

Federal work-study –

  • 25% from URS assistantship (contact URS office for fund code)
  • 75% from Financial Aid code

Duke work-study –

  • 50% from URS assistantship (contact URS office for fund code)
  • 50% from Financial Aid code

Students, mentors and departmental business leaders are in charge of monitoring when payroll earned approaches the $400 limit. Any overages much be corrected through a manual salary cost transfer.