URS Grants and Reimbursements

URS Grants and Reimbursements - Rules and Limitations

A URS grant may only be used toward the items listed in the proposed budget. Any additional expenses must be paid from another source.

URS funds may not be used to purchase equipment that will be retained as a personal item at the end of the project. This includes software, books, computer equipment, cameras, etc. Software and equipment may be purchased by the mentor's department under the terms of the university site license and made available for student use for the duration of the Independent Study. The research sponsor and the purchasing agent in the sponsor’s department can assist in ordering the materials needed for student's research.

Purchase orders from supply companies should be charged by your research advisor to a departmental or grant account code. If your approved research budget includes merchandise or travel for which you pay from personal sources, you must bring original receipts to the business manager in your mentor’s department for reimbursement. The maximum reimbursement from the URS grant may not exceed the award amount.

Conference grants may only be used to cover costs associated with attending and/or presenting research results at a national or regional meeting of a professional organization. You must provide all receipts/ invoices. These should be turned in to the URS Office (ursoffice@duke.edu) upon your return. Note that the cost of poster printing is generally not covered - consult with your mentor about printing options.

All funds must be expended by the last day of classes for the current semester, and unused grant funds may not be spent in a subsequent semester.