Application Instructions

PRIME-Cancer Research Program at Duke - Summer 2024 

Program Dates (to be finalized): June 3, 2024 - July 26th, 2024

The PRIME-Cancer Research Program welcomes applications from rising junior or rising senior undergraduates (anticipated graduation dates in 2025 or 2026) who demonstrate academic excellence, enthusiasm, ambition, and an interest in pursuing a biomedical research career. 

The deadline for receipt of COMPLETE application materials is February 1, 2024.  INCOMPLETE OR LATE APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED. 

Step 1: Review Faculty Mentor Profiles

Step 2: Solicit Letters of Recommendation

  • Application to the PRIME-Cancer Research Program requires two (2) Letters of Recommendation. Letter writers must be able to speak to your qualifications and potential for academic and research excellence.
  • Remind recommenders that letters must be received by the PRIME-Cancer Research Program no later than February 1, 2024. 
  • You will enter recommender information in the online application, and the recommenders will automatically receive a recommendation request via email. You will be notified when each recommender has submitted a recommendation.

Step 3: Prepare Materials

  • Online Application: In addition to typical application questions, the application will require the following:
    • Statement of Purpose, which includes a description of previous research experience (if applicable), description of why you would like to be selected for Duke PRIME-Cancer Research Program, and a statement of commitment to the program, including longitudinal engagement beyond the summer and through the fall and spring semesters, and intention to pursue a research career. We encourage you to browse our list of Duke PRIME-Cancer Research Program mentors to identify mentors who align with your research interests.
    • Applicant’s Curriculum Vitae/Resumé
    • Two letters of recommendation. Letters from current and past research mentors are highly recommended. 
  • Undergraduate transcripts Upload your unofficial undergraduate transcript into the Academic History section of the application.
    • Transcript Requirements
      • Transcripts must provide a year-by-year listing of all courses taken and the grade or mark received for each. 
      • The transcript must list your name and the name of the school.
      • We do not accept web page screenshots from a student information system in place of transcripts. 
    •    Acceptable Transcript Formats
      • Scanned copies of paper transcripts produced by the institution
      • Electronic transcripts produced by the institution
      • Please note that upon acceptance of an offer to join PRIME-Cancer Research Program, students will be required to provide an official transcript
  • Step 4: Complete and submit the online application

Next Application Opens December 15