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Duke Visible Thinking Publication

Visible Thinking is an online, multimedia publication of Duke University that features the faculty-mentored work of our undergraduates across the full spectrum of majors, certificates, and other interdisciplinary and immersive activities that anchor research experiences. A hallmark of Duke’s undergraduate liberal arts education is a faculty-mentored scholarly experience. Our students traverse a rich array of research opportunities domestically and internationally, engaging every major area of knowledge production. 

The focus of Visible Thinking is therefore interpreted in the broadest sense, and includes scholarly articles, research posters, visual, embodied, and aural expressions from the arts, documentary pieces, short stories, commentary on critical issues of the time. It is an ecosystem of signature works capturing the Duke Excellence—compelling communication; understanding languages, cultures, and civilizations; understanding humanistic and artistic inquiry; understanding scientific and social scientific inquiry; managing, analyzing and interpreting data. 

Recognizing the global and multicultural nature of both the Duke community and its research interests, Visible Thinking welcomes work in languages other than English and endeavors to represent the array of linguistic contexts – translation, community advocacy, and multilingual proficiency – in which Duke research occurs. 

Finally, Visible Thinking focuses not merely on research outputs, but seeks to amplify reflection on the research and creative process, the pragmatic work of tackling difficult problems from a rich array of research methodologies and orientations

The Duke Student Global Health Review

  • Have an idea about something you want to research and write about? OR have you already completed a project pertaining to Global Health, via Bass Connections, Student Research Training Program, DukeEngage, independent work or other summer experiences? Propose an original topic to be included in The Duke Student Global Health Review, Duke's premier undergraduate global health publication!
  • If your proposal is selected, we will work with you through the writing and publication process. To submit a proposal, please write a 150-200 word description of the issue you want to explore and send it to The article selection process is ROLLING SELECTION, so that the sooner your article is proposed to us and edited, the sooner it will published in the Duke Student Health Review!
  • Please send any submissions and questions to
    Submission Guidelines:
    150-200 words

    Editable format (Microsoft word preferred)

    Currently, we are only accepting pitches for original content ideas, or summaries of existing papers you have written that haven’t been published elsewhere.

    If you’re interested in being involved with Duke Student Global Health Review in the future, either as an editor or future contributor, with your NetID in the subject line.

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