Undergrad Research Calendar

Yearly Calendar

A tool to help you maximize campus research experiences


  • If pursuing independent research, consider methods and where you'll conduct the research
  • Attend Career Fairs
  • Attend "How to Land a Lab" Workshop
  • Consider fall research restrictions (via Keep Learning)


  • Contact College Advisor to pick spring classes
  • Make a DAE appointment to discuss opportunities
  • Talk to current professors about research opportunities if you are interested in their field We suggest VLearn or dropping in for virtual office hours
  • Look for spring research positions on Muser and Duke List
  • Consider Winter Opportunities
  • Attend Majors Fair

Early December

  • Visit the Writing Center to get feedback on job letters and program applications
  • Check to see if summer opportunities deadlines are posted, save interesting ones
  • Be mindful that summer programs may have been changed and may further change because of pandemic restrictions


  • Attend Summer Opportunities Fair
  • Work on/submit Summer program applications
  • Apply for Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval if you are pursuing an independent study project with human subjects
  • Apply for URS spring semester funding


  • Make a DAE appointment to discuss opportunities
  • Continue summer program applications
  • Sophomores declare majors before spring break
  • Look for summer & fall research positions on Muser and Duke List


  • Attend the Visible Thinking Symposium where URS-funded and honors thesis students present their research
  • Attend departmental honors thesis and capstone events and learn about new techniques and research ideas from peers


  • Take a look back on the year and consider this year's coursework and interests
  • Make a plan for pursuing opportunities for next year
  • Late May/Early June summer research programs begin


  • Touch base with an Advisor as summer experiences may change your plans