Student Stories

Gwyn Reece - Afterlife Beliefs and Prejudice

Gwyn at a desk at home

This summer, I worked with Dr. Van Cappellen to investigate the relationship between the beliefs people have about life after death and their attitudes towards people with different religious and political identities.

Ana Trejo - A Magic Carpet Ride

Ana Trejo uploading an interview recording on Duke Box, Duke University’s secure cloud-platform

For my International Comparative Studies honors thesis titled "A Magic Carpet Ride: Exploring the Latinx Community’s Contribution to the Carpet Capital of the World, Dalton, Georgia," I am examining the following questions about my hometown:  

Caroline Baker - Transfer Learning and Cellpose

Caroline showing Cellpose results on a laptop

Supported by Duke’s URS Summer Idea Grant, I performedtransfer learning on cellsegmentation models for data analysis on cardiac tissue images.

Junzhe Zhou - Quantum Field Theories

Junzhe at a desk at home

Some quantum field theories (QFTs) like quantum chromodynamics (the theory that governs the strong nuclear force) have an intriguing property called asymptotic freedom. When present, this feature of the QFTs allows us to understand the very high energy limit...

Anna Greenleaf - Inequality in Generalized Exchange

Anna Greenleaf working outdoors on campus

Inequality in Generalized Exchange explored how generalized reciprocity is impacted when people have differing resource values. Generalized reciprocity is an exchange structure in which someone has the opportunity to pay forward help they have received to...

Cross-fostering Influences the Effects of Air Pollution and Prenatal Stress on Social Behavior

Jason Zhang

My research project examined possible mechanisms related to the effects of air pollution and stress during pregnancy on the later life social behavior of mice.

Biased ligands of CXCR3 promote differential signaling mediated by the phosphorylation barcode

Cole Honeycutt

I started out this year working on a project in the Rajagopal Lab in which we investigated the phosphorylation barcode as a mechanism underlying biased agonism at the G protein-coupled receptor (GPCR) CXCR3.

Perspectives on Genomics Research and Curative Therapies for Sickle Cell Disease in Uganda

Sickle cell clinic in Kalangala, Uganda where Joel Kibonwabake, one of the researchers, works.

The remote nature of our project meant that communication was one of the biggest aspects of the project. Effective communication was both challenging and, when we got it right, rewarding.

Block Hypergeometric Priors for Bayesian Variable Selection in Linear Models

Cathy Lee

This summer I worked on the “Block Hypergeometric Priors for Bayesian Variable Selection in Linear Models” project with Dr. Merlise Clyde.

Developing a Novel Fluorescent Tool to Monitor K63 Ubiquitin in Living Cells

Emma Bucklan in lab

To me, the idea of doing something that has never been done before has always fascinated me.

Gamma-Carboxylation and Coagulation Factor Activity in Infants and Neonates

Griffin McDaniel

My project focused on understanding the biochemical differences between pediatric and adult coagulation proteins and their functional consequences.

Generation of a Zebrafish Transgenic Line for Manipulating Notochord Patterning

Meghana and graduate student mentor in lab

For the past two and a half years, I have been studying zebrafish notochord segmentation in the Bagnat lab. After taking Biology 201 in the fall semester of my sophomore year, I became fascinated with molecular biology and genetic engineering technology.

Investigating ATM regulation of the cohesin complex in the DNA damage response

Mihir Patel

As part of Dr. Michael Kastan’s lab in the Department of Pharmacology and Cancer Biology, my project focused on elucidating the role of cohesin-associated proteins in DNA damage response functions.

Implications of seasonal hormone variation in the female-dominant blue-eyed black lemur

My DSRF-funded project addressed seasonal changes in hormones in the female-dominant blue-eyed black lemur.

Impact of altering C. elegans MANF protein expression on dopaminergic neurodegeneration

In this research project, I was able to examine the role of a mesencephalic astrocyte derived neurotrophic factor (MANF) in protecting dopaminergic neurons from neurodegeneration in C. elegans.

Equal Mind hypothesis

Ian with a slideshow showing data

Winter 2020 Remote Research

How Fashion is Failing You

Milagros and the denim jacket

Winter 2020 Remote Research

COVID-19 and Adolescence

Sierra and a slide explaining the team's research aims

Winter 2020 Remote Research

GPCR family Research

Rennica working at a computer

Winter 2020 Remote Research

Queer Medical Anthropology

Preetha working at a computer

Winter 2020 Remote Research

Bloom to Your Potential

Euna Cho and several pieces of work

Winter 2020 Remote Research

Developing a New Way to Trace IVs

Kevin and mentors working on a model patient

Summer 2020 Remote Research

Gastrointestinal Symptoms and Dieting


Summer 2020 Remote Research 

Explicit vs Implicit Language and Drug Ads

Nadia and mentor

Summer 2020 Remote Research 

Stress Mindset and Language


Summer 2020 Remote Research

Decision Modeling in Hearing Loss


Summer 2020 Remote Research

Group Actions on complex Abelian Surfaces

Zizai Cui

Summer 2020 Remote Research

Machine Learning and Plant Insect Damage

Philippe Izedian

Summer 2020 Remote Research

Accessible TB and COVID screening


I spoke with our project partners and had the opportunity to interview them over Zoom about the work they were doing with Advance Access and Delivery and the Zero TB Initiative in the Durban, Karachi and the Mongolia sites.

Uncovering Spanish-speaking art-historians

Sophia Cetina, Duke Student

Summer 2020 Remote Research

Ashleigh Smith '20 Presenting Research at the College Art Association Annual Conference

ashleigh smith 2020

Travel Grant Awardee Ashleigh Smith '20, Art History Major

Bass Connections: Carlee Goldberg '22, Making Young Voters: Policy Reforms to Increase Youth Turnout (2018-2019)

carlee goldberg '22

Within her Making Young Voters project team, Carlee Goldberg '22 worked with grad and undergrad students to interview youth from around the country who did or did not vote.

Undergraduate Research in Duke's Wired! Lab

jules nasco photo

Meet Jules Nasco, a sophomore studying Political Science and Philosophy, Politics, and Economics.  

Neuroanatomical Distribution of Oxytocin Receptors in Eulemur

annika dsrf

2019 DSRF Award Winner Annika Sharma

White, But Colored: The Emancipated Slaves of New Orleans

helena dsrf

2019 DSRF Award Winner Helena Guenther

Senses of Venice: Lavish Parties, Great Conversations and Lots of Canals

At the exhibit opening: Angel Tawfik, Kristin Huffman, and Noah Michoud. Photo by Alina Taalman.

The only thing missing from a new digital humanities exhibit in the entrance of Perkins Library about the glories of Venice is the present-day sight and smell of the canals that carry people throughout this remarkable floating city.

How To Get Your Foot In The Door At A Research Lab

How To Get Your Foot In The Door At A Research Lab

So now you are at Duke — one of the world’s best research universities — but now what? You might be taking cool classes, but how can you take advantage of the world-class research happening here? Roughly 50 percent of Duke undergrads do so at some point.

An Unexpected Direction

An Unexpected Direction

Jasmine Thompson is advancing the Di Giulio lab’s work to understand the environmental impacts of a former wood treatment facility that, for decades, discharged creosote and other chemicals into the nearby river.

Studying Creatures Great and Small

Studying Creatures Great and Small

From whales to lemurs, senior Cassidy Pomeroy-Carter is using animal research experiences at Duke to prepare her for a future in veterinary medicine.

Math Junior Flips for ‘Bit Flips’

Math Junior Flips for ‘Bit Flips’

  Paul Ziquan Yang is using mathematical techniques to eliminate errors in computer hardware. Read the full story here.

Student Studies New Processes for Gene Expression

Student Studies New Processes for Gene Expression

Before biologists can understand the role of specific genes, they have to be able to determine whether those genes are "on or off." Howard Hughes Undergraduate Research Fellow Mitchell Lee is looking to make take process easier.

A Summer In The Lab, Wounding Flies

A Summer In The Lab, Wounding Flies

Senior biology major and chemistry minor Rachel Shenker is working as a Dean’s Summer Research Fellow, trying to figure out how certain proteins affect wound-healing in flies.

A Better Approach to Machine Learning

A Better Approach to Machine Learning

Goldman Sachs Summer Research Fellow and physics major Cathy Li is using optical systems to enhance machine learning. Read the full story here.

Duke Undergrads Sink Their Teeth into Evolution Research

Duke Undergrads Sink Their Teeth into Evolution Research

Ben Schwartz and Amalia Cong, past Howard Hughes VIP participants, are studying enamel evolution in the Wall and Wray labs.

How do Children Learn Emotions?

Duke Psychology Undergraduates Study How Young Children Learn to Label Emotions. Read the rest of the story at Duke News.

Thinking Beyond the Grave

Duke Student Meredith Rahman Presents at Duke-UNC Bioethics Symposium. Read the rest of the story at Duke News.

SNCURCS returns to Duke

Nonie Arora shares a story of one of the student presenters at the State of North Carolina Undergraduate Research and Creativity Symposium, hosted by Duke on November 17, 2012.

Lab Tests for Anxiety

Lab Tests for Anxiety

Student research blogger Ashley Mooney spent her summer in Portland working in a lab that testing the impact of brain injuries on anxiety levels.

Monkey Research in Platt Lab

Monkey Research in Platt Lab

Yavuz Acikalin is doing an independent research project with the Platt Lab that deals with monkey advertising. Read about it on the Duke Research Blog.

Translational Genomics Research Institute

Translational Genomics Research Institute

Rising Trinity Junior Sonya Jooma headed to Phoenix, Arizona this summer to participate in the TGen-Duke Biomedical Futures Program.  Read the story on the Duke Research Blog.

Requiem for Haiti

Requiem for Haiti

"Sounding the Bells for Haiti" appeared in Duke Magazine in the summer of 2012.

European explorers in Tahiti

Emma Ross used computerized mapping technology to explore the interaction of British colonists and native residents in the 19th century.

Biology Majors/Researchers Win Goldwaters

Kenneth Hoehn and Clara Starkweather have been selected as scholars by the Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship and Excellence in Education Program.

Student Modeling Gene Regulation Wins Marshall

Student Modeling Gene Regulation Wins Marshall

Daphne Ezner, who graduates in May with a double major in biology and computer science, received funding from the Trinity Deans' Summer Fellowship program in 2011 to work with Associate Profess

Intensive Global Health Prorgam

The Duke Global Health Institute has selected 15 students for the inaugural