Guidelines for URS Programs

Research Independent Study Information

Research Independent Study courses allow students to engage in individual research for credit under the guidance of a faculty mentor.

Compensation for International Students

International students must have a SSN or ITIN to receive a stipend. They may also be subject to tax withholding.

URS Grant Reimbursements

URS grants may be used for expenses listed in the proposed budget. What can be covered, and how will you be reimbursed?

Human Research Subjects & Institutional Review Board

Research projects that involve human subjects must be conducted carefully to respect the rights of the research subjects and to ensure compliance with institutional standards and practices.

Compensation for Undergraduate Research


Students may not be paid for work done for academic credit. University rules apply to paid work.

URS Assistantship Payments

Rules and procedures for departments employing student research assistants with support from the URS.

Research Abroad: Safety Considerations

Undergraduate students traveling abroad on Duke-sponsored programs are subject to rules governing safe travel.

Responsible Conduct of Research Training and Tutorials

Before receiving funding from the URS office, students will be asked to complete a tutorial on Research Misconduct.