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Using our "Filter by Type" drop-down below, you can see URS-Administered Programs (individually listed in the menu at right), along with opportunities from the following areas: Biological Sciences, Creative Arts, Engineering, Health Sciences, Humanities, Physical & Quantitative Sciences, Programming, and Social Sciences. We also include dozens of opportunities Outside of Duke that may be of interest to you.

Also included in the menu at right is a direct link to Muser – a site where researchers can post and students can apply to research projects – and a listing of Weblinks to more opportunities outside of Duke.

Clinical Research Assistant (Clinical Interviewer)  See attached PDF for this opportunity at Brown Medical School and The Miriam Hospital: … read more about this opportunity »

Eligible students are Duke students with an excellent academic record who have conducted independent research with their proposed faculty mentor for at least one and preferably two or more semesters, and have a strong interest in cell biology. We strongly encourage students from URM groups to apply… read more about this opportunity »

Applications from all undergraduate students are welcomed for the Shore Undergraduate Research Scholars program, which awards funding for students engaged in independent scholarship or senior thesis research in any aspect of Jewish Studies.… read more about this opportunity »

The Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions and Duke University Energy Initiative have teamed up with the … read more about this opportunity »

The Academic Deans of Trinity College take pleasure in awarding the Deans' Summer Fellowships in support of undergraduate research and inquiry in the arts and sciences. The goals of the Deans' Summer Fellowship Program are to strengthen undergraduate research opportunities for undergraduates, to… read more about this opportunity »

URS Independent Study Grants are provided to help defray research expenses of up to $400 for Trinity and Pratt students enrolled in faculty-supervised independent study courses or the equivalent such as thesis and research capstone courses. A grant makes funds available to purchase approved… read more about this opportunity »

URS Assistantships provide salary funds to a student to assist faculty on a research project. Funding is available for all disciplines. Applications are open to all Duke undergraduates for summer, fall and spring funding. URS Assistantships can only be awarded if the research project is completely… read more about this opportunity »

A URS Conference Grant is an award of up to $400 to use towards attending and/or presenting research done at Duke at a national or regional meeting of a professional organization. The meeting or conference should take place during the semester in which the student is applying for the grant (Apply… read more about this opportunity »

The Moore Undergraduate Research Apprentice Program (MURAP) is a graduate-level research experience for highly talented undergraduate students from diverse backgrounds who are interested in pursuing doctorates in the humanities, social sciences, or fine arts. … read more about this opportunity »

Call for Applicants: NSF/REU Undergraduate Research Fellowship in Interdisciplinary Water Science and Engineering  Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Virginia   Rising sophomore, junior and senior undergraduate students from all U.S. colleges/universities are invited to apply for a 10-week NSF/REU… read more about this opportunity »

Join an intense and exciting research environment this summer. Apply to the Janelia Undergraduate Scholars Program. The Janelia Undergraduate Scholars program is a 10-week summer program aimed at well-prepared, independent, and committed students with significant research experience. We accept… read more about this opportunity »

The MDI Biological Laboratory’s REU program aims to engage students in scientific explorations in the Laboratory’s research focus area, Comparative Regenerative Biology and Aging, while providing them with opportunities to build skills important to successful careers in the biological sciences.… read more about this opportunity »

The Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (ORISE) offers frequent opportunities to compete for scholarships. For more information on this competition, please visit the ORISE website at… read more about this opportunity »

Male Contraceptive Initiative (MCI) is a nonprofit that supports research and advocacy in the field of male contraception. MCI has a Youth Advisory Board, which is offering funding for an undergraduate to conduct a small-scale social research, bench science, or advocacy project around male… read more about this opportunity »

Undergraduate and graduate students engage in incredible opportunities at the Duke Center for Jewish Studies. Each year, a select cohort of undergraduate and graduate scholars, pursuing promising independent research, may apply to become a part of the Seymour H. Shore Scholarship Program in Jewish… read more about this opportunity »

Awards and funding available through the Duke Dance Program – including the Julia Wray Dance Award, Clay Taliaferro Dance Award, Dance Project Award, and Dance Writing Award – as well as more information about the Benenson Awards in the Arts, Louis Sudler Prize in the Arts, and Duke Arts' Creative… read more about this opportunity »

We seek independent and motivated students to engage in original digital humanities research, who would like to work as part of a larger research team. In addition to support across Duke’s campus, the Wired! Lab has received targeted sponsorship and funding for its broader teaching agenda, research… read more about this opportunity »

Grants to undergraduate students to cover expenses for research related to journalism or media studies. The DeWitt Wallace Center, with generous support from the Susan Tifft Internship Fund, The Lorber Fund, the McCarthy Family Internship Fund, the Hughes Family Fund, and alumni donors, awards… read more about this opportunity »

Up to $3000 in support for any Duke students pursuing opportunities in journalism or media organizations. The DeWitt Wallace Center, with generous support from the Susan Tifft Internship Fund, The Lorber Fund, the McCarthy Family Internship Fund, the Hughes Family Fund, and alumni donors, awards… read more about this opportunity »

Duke's Summer Neuroscience Program (formally known as NPR) is an 8-week summer program enabling you to conduct full-time research to jump start your Graduation with Distinction senior thesis.… read more about this opportunity »

Full-time environmental health internships with the Duke Superfund Research Center, with emphases in biology, chemistry, psychology, neuroscience, engineering, or community engagement. Up to six (6) positions are available, each lasting ten (10) weeks, with flexible start/stop dates in May-August… read more about this opportunity »

SOL is a nationally recognized, intensive 12-month leadership program for students who are interested in complex social and political issues and the art of implementing systemic political change. SOL’s three-stage structure includes a preparation (gateway) course in the spring, a collaboratively-… read more about this opportunity »

Summer research opportunities offered by the Physics Department are an excellent introduction to scientific research. Most Physics majors do research during their time at Duke, and many do senior thesis to graduate… read more about this opportunity »

Various awards and prizes sponsored by the CDS. The Center for Documentary Studies (CDS) encourages student involvement beyond the classroom and offers resources and learning opportunities that include awards, fellowships, and related experiences.   The John Hope Franklin Student… read more about this opportunity »

The Career Center sponsors programs that support students gaining access to experience through internships. The center is a place where you can learn to explore your interests, values, and strengths and use that self-knowledge to influence your decision-making throughout your time here at Duke.… read more about this opportunity »