Program II Research Funds

Program II was conceived in 1968 to provide students in Trinity College the option to design their own degree program.  Since all Program II students are expected to include a two-semester Senior Capstone Project in their programs of study, it is often relatively easy for the capstone experience to meet the qualifications for graduation with distinction.  More information about pursuing a Program II can be found on the Program II site

As part of the Program II expectation that students participate in a two-semester Senior Capstone Project, Program II students can apply for funds to cover travel, research, and conference attendance in support of completing this capstone project. The application to apply for research funds can be found here.

You will need to provide a description of your project and upload a justification of a budget, including itemized anticipated expenses, as well as any other sources of funding. 

If you have questions regarding available funding for your Program II research, please email the URS office: ursoffice[at]