2019 ACC Meeting of the Minds

Monday, May 6, 2019

2019 ACC Meeting of the Minds- Daniela Flamini

Each year, usually in late March or early April, 5-10 outstanding undergraduate researchers (accompanied by a faculty/staff member) from each ACC university gather at a host university to present their research, either verbally or as a poster.  

At most universities, the student delegates are chosen through a refereeing process.  To be invited to the conference is a real honor. In March 2019, the ACC Meeting of the Minds Conference was held at the University of Louisville and six remarkable Duke University seniors were chosen to present their work to their ACC peers.

Ekim Buyuk
The Impacts of Increased Corporate Ownership of Multi-Family Rental Complexes on Housing Stability in Durham
Daniela Flamini
Lessons in Journalism from Argentina: How Fact-Checking Signals the Rise of Counter-hegemonic Narratives in Truth Production
Malavika Puri
Development of a High-throughput Screen and an RNA-focused Small Molecule Library to Target the Long Noncoding RNA MALAT1
Angela Tawfik
Senses of Venice
Caroline Westwood
Postural Stability under Dual-Task Conditions: Development of a Post-Concussion Assessment for Lower Extremity Injury Risk
Qiang Zang
Music and Spirituality: The Psychological Impact of Music on Feelings of Spirituality and Connectedness