Deans' Summer Research Fellowship Stories: Andrew McCallum

This previous summer, Andrew McCallum (2024) was awarded a URS Deans' Summer Research Fellowship award to better understand the Archive of Terror, a museum dedicated to preserving the record of Paraguay’s dictatorship. Under Dr. Christine Folch's mentorship, Andrew was able to travel to Paraguay to see the system that facilitated the reign of terror under which the country suffered suffered.

"My DSRF experience allowed me to ground my research in the realities of Paraguay’s past and present. The opportunity to travel to Paraguay let me connect my more abstract studies of Latin America to the experiences I had there," Andrew reflected. "Above all, the chance to interact with Paraguayans led to so many 'aha' moments as they explained their perspectives to me. I could not have reached the understanding I have of Operation Condor without the opportunity."

While in Paraguay, Andrew broadened his bibliography, diving specifically into the work of Andres Coleman Gutierrez. The books were in Spanish, so it took him some time to read them thoroughly.

In his next steps for Spring 2024, Andrew participate in an independent study with his advisor, Dr. Folch. He hopes that working with her will help produce a lucid analysis of the documents studied in Paraguay, pursuing the connections of Operation Condor.

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