Deans' Summer Research Fellowship Stories: Huiyin Zhou

This previous summer, Huiyin Zhou (2024) was awarded a URS Deans' Summer Research Fellowship award to investigate the strategies of political translation in diasporic Chinese feminist communities under the guidance and mentorship of Dr. Ralph Litzinger.

In her hopes to understand transnational Chinese queer feminism, Huiyin organized and participated in at least 11 community-based events through CAO Collective. These events took place across the country, from Durham, New York, Los Angeles and Irvine, Beijing, and several virtual ones over Zoom.

"The DSRF experience greatly helped me understand my positionality in transnational Chinese queer feminist organizing," Huiyin noted. "The experience also helped me better grasp the inherent collectivity of this research, and how community spaces, such as debrief sessions, are no less important, if not more, than more 'formal' interviews."

In her next steps, Huiyin will conduct more formal interviews with other organizers. She has series of field observations lined up, including a workshop in New York City, and a roundtable presentation at National Women's Studies Association annual conference.

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