Deans' Summer Research Fellowship Stories: Jayden Cyrus

jayden presenting

This previous summer, Jayden Cyrus (2024) was awarded a URS Deans' Summer Research Fellowship award to investigate the role of the loss of spastin gene in the development of Autosomal Dominant Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia (AD-HSP).  The onset of AD-HSP can impair the motor function of the legs.  Under Dr. Nina Sherwood's mentorship, Jayden explored the cellular pathway of the Draper engulfment receptor in Drosophilia larvae. 

"My DSRF experience allowed me to continue my research and get a head start on my thesis. I loved working full time, and this experience further confirmed that I want to make research my future career," Jayden noted. "DSRF further showed me what life as a research scientist will be like, and confirmed that I am passionate about it."

In her next steps,  Jayden plans to quantify results by scoring the neuromuscular junctions of the dissection slides created, as well as defend her honors thesis.

Are you a rising junior or a senior and interested in doing research over the summer? Check out our URS Deans' Summer Research Fellowship opportunity to see if you are eligible. Applications for DSRF 2024 are closed.