World Congress on Undergraduate Research - Call for Abstracts

WorldCUR-BCUR 2023 The University of Warwick

The University of Warwick will be hosting WorldCUR 2023.

Following on from the successful events at Oldenburgh 2019 & Qatar 2016, this will be the 3rd iteration of the World Congress on Undergraduate Research (WorldCUR) cementing its presence as a regular, prominent showcasing platform for undergraduate research.

Moreover, we will be jointly hosting both the British Conference of Undergraduate Research with the World Congress on Undergraduate Research in April 2023. We are excited to host this opportunity to bring together communities supporting undergraduate research from the UK and across the world in a joint celebration of undergraduate research.

Further details can be found here for WorldCUR-BCUR2023.

The call for Abstracts is now OPEN! Find more information at this link.

Research will be presented under the broad category of themes to be interpreted creatively.

The themes for the conference are Health, Power, Sustainability, Data, Create, Community, and the Future.