NCI Division of Cancer Biology SURP

The NCI Division of Cancer Biology is excited to sponsor the DCB Summer Undergraduate Research Program (DCB SURP) in 2022 (formerly the CSBC/PS-ON Summer Research Program). The program includes a 10-week fellowship, $4000 stipend, a 2-day research conference at NIH Bethesda in August 2022, and the virtual mini-DREAM curriculum as an introduction cancer data science. The program covers all expenses, including the student’s stipend, housing at the research institute, and conference travel to the NIH.


The program is open to all interested junior and senior students across the US with 0-1 years of previous research experience. We appreciate your office supporting us in distributing the program information to your grantee institutions. Students from diverse backgrounds and experiences are especially encouraged to apply. A letter and flyer are attached for distribution purposes and please encourage all those who are interested to check out the website. The application deadline is February 14, 2022.


  • Biological Science
  • Health Sciences
  • Programming
  • Outside of Duke
  • Summer