URS Conference Grants

A URS Conference Grant is an award of up to $400 to use towards attending and/or presenting research done at Duke at a national or regional meeting of a professional organization. The meeting or conference should take place during the semester in which the student is applying for the grant (Apply for the grant in the spring for a conference that takes place January - Early May).

Conference Grants may only be used to cover costs associated with attending and/or presenting research at national or regional meetings of a professional organization. This award provides financial support for conferences, contingent on university requirements and restrictions regarding approved travel destinations. Virtual conference registration fees and required membership fees will continue to be considered for funding.

Awardees must provide all receipts and/or invoices, including any documentation relating to expenses. These should be turned into the URS Office (ursoffice@duke.edu) within one month of the event for reimbursement. These funds will not be provided up front.

If your expenses surpass $400, please list your other sources of funding. Providing this information will not make you less likely to get the grant, it will demonstrate that you have thought through what you’ll need and considered the resources that you have available. We will need receipts in your name submitted within one month of your return to process your reimbursement.

Take note that your application submission will prompt an email to your Duke faculty mentor asking for a recommendation, which they will need to complete and submit on your behalf.

Once your application is complete (your application and your recommendation submitted), the URS office will review your application and let you know about your funding decision.

How will you access your grant funds if awarded? Through reimbursement. For more information, see Guidelines.


Updated: 9/29/2022

Students may apply to either attend a conference, or present and attend a conference.

Attendance of conferences or meetings, and the award of a URS conference grant, does not 'officially' excuse absences from class or missed deadlines. For this reason, conference awards are rarely made for more than three days of missed classes. ​Before you apply, check your syllabi and with your instructors to ensure that your conference will not adversely affect your coursework.

Budget Information:

  • Eligible budget expenses include: Transportation (mileage, airfare, Uber/Lyft, transportation passes etc.), lodging, conference registration fees, abstract submission fees, membership fees (if lowers registration rate).
  • Non-eligible expenses include: meals, entertainment activities

For students applying to attend in-person conferences:

  • As the pandemic continues to unfold, travel permissions may change rapidly. In the event that Duke University restricts Duke-funded travel, URS may not be able to reimburse travel costs. We will, however, continue to reimburse virtual conference fees. Contact the URS Office (ursoffice@duke.edu) if you have questions about this policy.
  • Review current Duke travel policies (see Duke Global Administrative and Travel Support). If you have questions about this policy or your location, please contact globaltravel@duke.edu.
  • You are responsible for making sure that you have the required permissions, and have followed the required steps for Duke-funded travel to the location in which this conference is being held.

Updated: 5/5/2022