Research Compensation and Credit

Students may not be paid salary for research that is part of a course. Likewise, students may not receive academic credit for research employment.

Students with their research advisors may apply for URS grants of up to $400 each fall and spring to be used toward supplies and travel, if approved, as part of a research independent study course. These funds may not be used for salary. See URS grants.

During the academic year, faculty may apply for up to $400 each semester to pay salary to an undergraduate research assistant. These funds may not be used toward research supplies. See URS Assistantships.

Faculty members searching for an undergraduate for a research-related job are encouraged to post the opportunity on Duke List. If undergraduate students ask about funds to support themselves for an on- or off-campus research project in the summer, please direct them to the Opportunities page. If undergraduates are to be employed and paid hourly compensation, they must be added to the corporate payroll by the Payroll Officer of the faculty member’s department. Faculty should NOT use personal funds to pay a student with the expectation that they will be reimbursed.

Summer programs typically provide a stipend, fellowship or award to support a specific period of full-time research engagement. Students receiving stipends, fellowships or awards may not earn academic credit for the work done during the program or fellowship period. Stipends, fellowships, and awards are considered reportable income by the IRS. The awarding office will provide the student with IRS form 1099 in January following the award period. See Corporate Payroll Services for more information.