Visible Thinking

VT LogoVisible Thinking - April 19, 2018 

10:00am - 2:00pm
Penn Pavilion

This year's abstract book can be found here: 2018 Visible Thinking Abstract Book (TBA)

Duke's Visible Thinking is an annual event that celebrates the achievements of undergraduate researchers and explores their original scholarship in the humanities, the natural sciences and engineering, and the social sciences. Visible Thinking is open to all Duke undergraduates. Registration will open February 12th and close April 10th. All students who receive support from the URS office are expected to present at Visible Thinking.

Visible Thinking 2016

Resources for Presentations

As you prepare for the Visual Thinking event, review our resources listing for presentations.

See also specific advice for preparing posters

PhDPosters will print and deliver your poster directly to Visible Thinking! Order here (check the VT box)

Past Visible Thinking Presentations

Each April, over 100 Duke students in many disciplines present their work at Visible Thinking.

View past abstract books below: