Deans' Summer Research Fellowship Stories: Amiya Mehrotra

This previous summer, Amiya Mehrotra (2024) was awarded a URS Deans' Summer Research Fellowship award to study of how higher education can most effectively promote political participation in its programming under the mentorship of Deondra Rose.

Amiya worked with Professor Nancy Thomas at Tufts’ Institute for Democracy and Higher Education to use National Study of Learning, Voting, and Engagement (NSLVE) data to identify an institution that has particularly extraordinary rates of student voter participation: Olin College

"This DSRF experience gave me the opportunity to think through and conduct a research project from start to finish," Amiya reflected. "The project’s findings have also prompted me to think about further questions regarding the role higher education plays in our modern society, and this DSRF experience has reinforced my interest in higher education policy."

Following her DSRF experience, Amiya submitted her final public policy honors thesis this previous December.

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