URS Conference Stories: Elaijah Lapay

EL conf

This Fall semester, Elaijah Lapay (2024) utilized a URS Conference Grant to attend and present at the North American Vexillological Association 57 (NAVA) annual meeting.

At NAVA, Elaijah presented on the House Course that he instructs on vexillology and the study of nationalism and flags at the conference, and framing the concept of a "Vexillology 101" to future learners in the field.

When asked how the conference experience shaped his research goals, Elaijah noted the strengthening of his professional relationships: "I made new connections and deepened existing connections as I continue on with the instruction of my House Course. Long term, I am excited to continue on and think about how I use flags and vexillology in my own work in immigrant and refugee belonging and hope to, as I finish out my senior year at Duke, invest more based on what I heard and discussed at the conference on ideas toward having my impact on flags live beyond my House Course and reach members of the Duke community that need to hear messages of empowerment and inclusion."

Elaijah also described how support from URS has impacted his research experience: "URS has been able to provide the financial support for me to learn about what it means to belong in research and academic spaces outside of Duke and provide the means for me to learn about the environments of research and networking in the 'real world'." 

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