Significant Annual Undergraduate Conferences

Fall Conferences

Late September or Early October - MIT Undergraduate Research Technology Conference (URTC)

URTC is an annual three-day technical conference held at the MIT campus in late September to early October each year that allows undergraduate students from all over the world to present, discuss, and develop solutions for advancing technology for humanity. The conference features a variety of paper/poster presentations by student presenters, talks and panels by industry leaders, and networking and social events. In addition, research papers from paper presenters are put into online publication in the form of conference proceedings archived in IEEE’s online database (IEEE Xplore).

November - State of North Carolina Undergraduate Research & Creativity Symposium 

Spring Conferences

January- National Collegiate Research Conference (NCRC) Harvard College Undergraduate Research Association (HCURA) held by Harvard University
NCRC is a large-scale, multidisciplinary conference held annually at Harvard University, where accomplished undergraduate students from across the United States and internationally convene each year to share their research in the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences.  The core vision behind the conference is to provide student researchers with the opportunity to hear from the world’s leading authorities in academia, policy, and industry, as well as to foster important exchanges and dialogue between students. Last year, after being selected through a competitive application process, over 200 participants from nearly 75 universities across America and abroad attended the conference. NCRC, hopes to expand the perspective of undergraduate researchers through offering exposure to diverse fields and to facilitate the discourse on collaboration, leadership, and social impact in research that will be invaluable in future pursuits. 

February - College Arts Association Annual Conference, Location: New York City, NY

Late March or Early April - ACC Meeting of the Minds

April - Visible Thinking, Duke Undergraduate Research Symposium, Location: Penn Pavilion 

March - National Conferences on Undergraduate Research (NCUR), Location: Bozeman, MT

April - Stanford Research Conference (SRC), Location: Stanford, CA (Stanford University)

April - Collegiate Association for Inequality Research (CAIR) Conference on Inequality and Social Justice - Location: Virtual, hosted by Wake Forest University